“Express overdraft” loan

"Express-overdraft" loan

The easiest and most convenient way to keep the company's financial solvency
  • To cover cash gaps in current payments resulting from counterparties payments delays;
  • To increase working capital in connection with the your business expansion;
  • To cover current business expenses in seasonality;
  • For the instant solution of other financial issues related to business.

Competitive advantages of

  • Without collaterals;
  • Without insurances;
  • The selection and repayment of the loan is carried out automatically;
  • Efficiency of Bank decision making.

Within 1 business day we will analyze the all the data received from you and offer the estimated overdraft limit. The lending limit is established without collateral, on the basis of a guarantee, the analysis of turnover on the current account and financial condition.

Loan processing takes up to 5 days from the date of documents reception by the Bank.

Basic conditions:

Lending amount is from 50,000 up to 1 000,000 UAH.

The overdraft limit is up to 30% of the average monthly revenue proceeds amount to the potential borrower current account in RADABANK (the last 3 calendar months are taken into account)

The term of the overdraft agreement is up to 1 year.

The period of continuous debt under the contract cannot exceed 30 calendar days

Commodity collateral is not required


One-time limit setting fee: 1% of overdraft amount, minimum of 1 000 UAH.

Market interest rates, approved by the Bank

Without penalties for early repayment/termination of the contract

We guarantee an individual approach to each Customer!

For the customers who are switching to RADABANK for a comprehensive service are provided preferences in the product value.

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