Bills avalization

Bills of exchange avalization

by a commercial Bank is an obligatory condition in proceccing of tax bills registration issued for value added tax payment in customs clearance of goods imported into the territory of Ukraine, as well as tax bills issued for payment of excise duty in the processing of ethyl alcohol.

RADABANK performs avalization of bills on the basis of an avalization agreement signed with the Customer, which can be concluded for a fixed term (general avalanche agreement), or on avalization of certain promissory bills (avalanche agreement).

RADABANK offers bills avalization operations as:
  • commercial (trade) bills of exchange issued for the goods / services trading operations
  • tax anticipation bills

Avalization of bills is necessary:

For the amount of VAT when importing goods into the customs territory of Ukraine

For the amount of VAT and customs duties while implementing transactions with customer-supplied raw materials

For the amount of excise duty

For the amount of other bills of exchange, whose turnover is limited, and the bill holder for which is the state tax service, customs or another state organization

The use of tax anticipation bills avalized by the Bank


Business entities that issue such bills to receive a deferred payment of value added tax (upon customs clearance of imported goods).

Bank avalization of customer-provided bills of exchange


A deferment of import duties payment, taxes and fees that legal entities pay when importing raw materials into the customs territory of Ukraine, when carrying out operations with customer-supplied raw materials in foreign economic activity.

Benefits of avalized bills of exchange from RADABANK:

  • Financing under the master agreement limit;
  • Bill of exchange with the Bank aval is more reliable, secure and significant;
  • Prevention of funds diversion from enterprises’ turnover;
  • Calculation instrument with the budget for the payment of taxes and feesa;
  • When conducting transactions with commodity bills of exchange: reducing the costs of the working capital raise, the possibility of lending at the maturity on the bill;
  • Cheaper loan transaction: the avalization rates are lower than the loan rates, the interest on the loan is charged only from the moment of actual bill of exchange payment;
  • Possibility for the seller to use the avalized bill in further settlements with counterparties or to sell it;
  • Allows to get the product/service "today" with a delay of payment;
  • The banking product cost is almost 10 times cheaper than lending.

Key parameters of bills avalization:

Financing term:

  • The total limit term is from 1 to 3 years;
  • The maturity date of a bill is within the time limit established by the relevant legislative act.

Financing currency:

  • UAH.

Financing cost:

  • The cost of an avalization transaction is from 0,5 - 7,0% of the nominal bill value, depending on the amount under the bill, the multiplicity of operations, the solvency of a bill drawer/acceptor, collateral, etc.;
  • Set as a commission for the aval of each individual bill of exchange;
  • The commission size for a borrower depends on their financial condition, the bill of exchange term of validity and the collateral quality.


  • Pledge of fixed assets (integral property complexes, real estate, equipment, vehicles, agricultural machinery);
  • Pledge of inventory in the turnover;
  • Money funds, property rights to a bank deposit in RADABANK;
  • Financial guarantee (corporate guarantee) of a company acceptable to the Bank.

RADABANK avalizes bills of exchange drawn up in the national currency of Ukraine.

The avalized bill amount may be less than or equal to the debt on the bill.

The commission for the bill aval is set depending on the bill amount and is paid on the bill avalization day.

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