Banking guarantees

Banking guarantee

This is an ensurance of the any contractual relations fulfillment required by customers, tender proposals for participation in electronic trading, as well as proves your high reputation and business reliability.

Guarantees issued by RADABANK are accepted by public and private organizations, tax and customs authorities, financial institutions and can acts as a collateral for a wide range of your obligations.

Types of guarantees,

issued by RADABANK:


Tender guarantee

The Bank’s obligation to make a payment if the principal withdraws their proposal from the tender after its submission deadline to the tender committee, or refuses to sign the contract after winning the tender.


Payment guarantees

The Bank's obligation to make a payment in case the principal does not fulfill the contractual obligations to pay for goods (services) received with a deferred payment.


Advance return guarantees

The Bank’s obligation to make a payment if the principal does not deliver the goods (performed services), in payment of which was previously made an advance payment.


Banking guarantee for Prozorro

Electronic guarantee for bidders in the Prozorro e-procurement system. Our employees have many years of experience in the field of public procurement and know all the nuances and requirements for bank guarantees.


Tourist guarantee

Guarantee to a travel company, which is issued to ensure the rights and legitimate interests of citizens-consumers of travel services in case of bankruptcy or recognition of travel company insolvent.


Guarantee on settlement of power imbalances

Financial guarantee of fulfillment of obligations under agreements on settlement of electricity imbalances, which is provided to a participant of the electricity market in accordance with the Resolution of the NCRECP dated 24.06.2019 № 1168 "On amendments to the resolution of the NCRECP dated March 14, 2018 № 307".


Guarantee for settlement of gas supply imbalances

Financial support of the natural gas transportation agreement in the form of a bank guarantee for LLC “Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine” (LLC “GTS Operator of Ukraine”, LLC “OGTSU”, JSC “Ukrtransgaz”) according to the Gas Transmission System Code №2493 dated 30.09.2015.
Get guaranteed support of your Bank with undeniable


  • Tender guarantee within a few hours;
  • Electronic guarantee without cash cover;
  • Minimum package of required documents;
  • General contract for up to 2 years;
  • Without hidden fees;
  • Quick decision making;
  • Guarantees issuance in any city of Ukraine;
  • Assistance in formalization by qualified staff with years of experience.
The guarantees issued by RADABANK testify the solvency, reliability and high business reputation of Your company!
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