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All banking services for individuals


Deposit is a simple and affordable investing method that allows you to save money for certain purposes.

Payment Cards

Payment card is a convenient means of using personal funds, which makes them available at any time.


Overdraft loan or loans secured by property is a convenient way to get money.

Housing investment

The construction financing fund is the most reliable way to invest in real estate.

Payments and transfers

Make express money transfers, regular and irregular payments, transfers and payments through the SWIFT system, pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay.


The easiest way to manage your finances without leaving home with internet banking and mobile app RB24.

Current accounts

The current bank account allows you to make transfers within Ukraine and abroad quickly and without significant commission fee expenses, as well as receive funds from individuals and legal entities to this account.

Individua safety deposit boxes

The most advanced alarm and security system at RADABANK ensures your valuables security. The Bank’s confidentiality guarantees that no one but you will be aware of your safety deposit box contents.

Coins and precious metals

]The widest selection of gold and silver coins of the Polish, Perth and Mayer mints, NBU coins, as well as gold and silver bullions from Australia.

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