What is the bearer certificate of deposit?

A bearer certificate of deposit is a paper security issued by RADABANK, certifying the deposit amount made by the customer to the Bank and the right of the Certificate Holder to receive the deposit amount and interest in full upon the expiration of the established period.

The deposit “Bearer certificate of deposit” is accepted in national currency (UAH), USD and EUR.

The main advantage of such a deposit is the highest interest rate in comparison with the other deposits. Moreover, you have the opportunity to transfer the certificate to the third party. Certificate holder can receive the deposit amount and interest in full upon the expiration of the established period.

What do you get by investing in the “Bearer certificate of deposit” from RADABANK?

  • The certificate owner has the right to refer it to another person (third party).;
  • The most favorable interest rate for the entire deposit term, terms of which are specified in the certificate and cannot be changed during the whole contract term ;
  • Multi-level protection of certificate forms (the certificate is made at the only state-owned enterprise “Printing Plant“ Ukraine ”, authorized by the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Ukraine to issue securities)..

Basic terms for the "Bearer certificate of deposit"

Minimum deposit amount

Maximum deposit amount Deposit currency Annual interest rate, %

6 mos.


12 mos.


“Bearer certificate of deposit”
With the interest payment at the end of the term

₴ 10 000 ₴ 150 000 UAH 12,80


$ 500

$ 5 000 USD 3,25 3,50
€ 500 € 5 000 EUR 2,75


  • With interest payment at the end of the term
  • Deposit replenishment option is not provided
  • partial withdrawal option is not provided
  • Deposit prolongation option is not provided
  • Certificates redemption are made in the deposit currency, except for the case when the depositor and the presenter are different persons in that case the redemption is made in the national currency

How to open the "Bearer certificate of deposit"?

  • Individuals-residents of Ukraine can open a deposit at any RADABANK branch, by providing:
  • Passport;
  • Taxpayer registration card number.

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