Documentary services and operations

The use of documentary letters of credit and collection allows you to minimize the risks for settlemets within the country and abroad. To protect the interests of the seller and the buyer in case of such risks accuarence at any stage of the transaction: from the moment of raw materials purchase / goods to the products delivery stage.

Letter of credit

This is the Bank obligation to make a payment in favor of the seller upon the buyer's instructions, under the condition of the documents provision prescribed by the letter of credit.
The prerequisites for the letter of credit payment form use:
  • new partnership when it is difficult for the parties to assess the level of the partner's relibility;
  • the uncertainty of the parties in the mutual timely obligations fulfillment and, consequently, the necessity to control the obligations fulfillment at all transaction stages;
  • contract items in the form of unique goods / materials / projects;
  • large financial liabilities.
In business relationships with a certain degree of trust to partners and with experience in transactions, such types of settlements are often used


  • relatively low level of bank fees (in comparison with letters of credit);
  • short terms of registration.

Advantages of documentary operations in RADABANK:

The possibility of formalizing a letter of credit and collection in national and foreign currency

More favorable conditions in comparison with lending

Additional verification of transaction documents by competent Bank employees

Competitive tariffs

Additional verification of transaction documents by competent Bank employees

RADABANK specialists will be happy to provide you detailed consulting and help you to choose the safest and the most suitable way to make payments.
Tariffs for documentary services and operations

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