Range of financial services


A range of financial services that includes products supply financing, accounts receivable accounting, timeliness of debtors settlements with your company (administration of receivables) and financial risks covering.

Factoring servicing allow liminating cash gaps that occur during goods supply on a deferred payment basis, and ensures sales growth.

Basic conditions:


Products supply financing

By shipping goods with a deferred payment, you have the possibility to receive up to 95% of the delivery amount right after the shipment, without waiting for payment from Your buyer. The amount of financing will automatically increase as your sales grow, and thus, financing within the framework of factoring allows you to avoid a shortage of working capital. The remaining funds (from 5%) you get to the account after Your buyer pays for the product, according to the agreement terms.

Provides control for the timely supplies payment by customers, forecasting the timing of cash collection and special procedures of working with your customers. The deferred payment status is displayed in regular, detailed and convenient reports which will help to relieve you of many day-to-day problems and provide you with up-to-date information at the highest level. As a result of this work, there is a strengthening of the buyer payment discipline and an increase in the accounts receivable turnover, which has a positive effect on the company financial condition.


Accounts receivable management


Payment for using a factoring financing

(during commodity loan term)
  • Commission fee for administration of accounts receivables - 0,12% of the transaction nominal worth;
  • Advance payment - 0,5% - 0,8% of the transaction nominal worth (depends on the deferral payment term and the debtor’s category);
  • Without any others hidden commission fees (for the financing limit increase, a new debtor connecting, etc.)!

Factoring servicing can be provided throughout Ukraine, regardless of the Customer’s location and their debtors!

Factoring servicing scheme

English Text

1. You ship products to Buyers as usual with a deferred payment.

2. You yield the right of monetary claim from Debtors to RADABANK.

3. RADABANK finances You in the amount up to 95% of the delivery amount (minus commission).

4. Timely execution by Debtors of the RADABANK money requirements (100% of the amount of shipment);

5. Transfer from 5% of the delivery amount (minus factoring commission fee).

Factoring advantages:

For a factoring servicing collateral is not required

The cash flow rate increases with the help of factoring

Factoring helps you to avoid cash gaps.

The actual financing amount may increase with the customer’s growth in sales, which allows enterprises to increase their financial turnovers

During a factoring service can be financed a delivery for any, even insignificant amount

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