Lending terms

Lending terms for individuals with a municipal enterprise "REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY "REGION-LEADER" DNEPROPETROVSK REGIONAL RADA":

Object of financing Residential apartments which are in the construction stage progress (if the private ownership right of the property (apartment) is not registered in the Real Estate Rights State Register)
Maximum loan amount 1 000 000
Loan term, mos. 12 24 36 48 60
Minimum down payment amount 60%
Loan currency UAH
Loan type Term
Loan repayment method Classic
Interest rates 12,30% 13,20% 13,75% 14,20% 14,60%
One-time fee for the loan granting 1%
Monthly commission fee 0,5%
Notary Services According to notary tariffs
Object insurance (after putting the house into operation) According to the insurance company tariffs
Loan collateral After the completion of construction, property rights registration – mortgage of object, the conclusion of an additional contract to the mortgage loan Agreement
Real annum interest rate 29%
Construction Financing Fund participation Contract
Construction Financing Fund Rules for the “A” type
Tariffs for Principals

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