Investments abroad
(AIC “E-limits”)

Resident individual

is allowed to carry out currency transactions for the transfer of funds from Ukraine / to current accounts of non-resident legal entities opened in Ukraine (except investment accounts), with the aim of:
  • Implementation of own obligations to non-residents under life insurance contracts;
  • Investments abroad;
  • Placing funds to personal accounts outside of Ukraine.

Restrictions to currency transactions

During the calendar year, the total amount should not exceed 200,000 euros in total, inclusive (the equivalent of this amount in another foreign currency / hryvnia at the official hryvnia exchange rate to foreign currencies set by the National Bank on the date of the transaction).

This restriction extends to foreign exchange transactions of individuals, provided that these operations are carried out by individuals for their own needs and are not related to their business activities.

Memo: A list of documents for an individual investment abroad (AIC “E-limits”)

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