Non-resident investor investment account

The non-resident investor investment account is the current account of an individual engaged in investment activities in Ukraine. Use this account it is also possible to return foreign investment and profits, income, other funds received by a foreign investor from their investment activities.

Account currency:

  • UAH
  • USD
  • EUR

A current Bank account allows you to make transfers within Ukraine and abroad quickly and without significant comission fee expenses, as well as receive funds from individuals and legal entities to this account.

The advantages of opening and maintaining an account in RADABANK:

  • Financial operations reliability and money transfers, confirmed by the Bank stability
  • High quality and speedy service
  • Complete confidentiality of operations and information about the Customer
  • Transparent and competitive rates for banking services
  • Individual approach to each Customer and to each financial operation

What is required to open a current account?

To open a current account, it is required to contact one of the bank branches and enter into an agreement on current account opening and maintaining.

Required documents

  • International standart passport;
  • Document with information about the place of residence/stay of a non-resident in Ukraine;
  • The document confirming the origin of non-resident’s cash ;
  • TIN certificate registration number (optional);

Tariffs for banking cash management services to individuals. Tariff package “Investor”

Investment Bank Account Contract for Non-resident Investor

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