Housing investment

Construction Financing Fund

RADABANK offers to individuals and legal entities the services in funds trust management for the purpose of investing in housing, through participation in construction financing funds.

The “A” type construction financing fund (CFF) is a reliable, 100% legal, in compliance with all the Laws of Ukraine, the system of financial relations between the real estate developer and apartment buyers (Principals) in the residential apartments buildings. Between of all the currently known schemes for acquiring real estate in the primary market, working through the Construction Financing Fund is the most reliable in terms of Investor’s interests protection.

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How it works?

  1. Trustee and real estate Developer conclude agreements package on the opening of the CFF.
  2. Investors conclude agreements with the Trustee to take part in the CFF.
  3. Investors transfer funds to the CFF .
  4. In turn, Trustee transfers funds from the CFF to the estate Developer to finance the construction.
  5. Estate Developer carries out construction, sets it into operation..
  6. Trustee controls the targeted use of Investor’s funds.
  7. Estate Developer vest property ownership documents to Investors..


of participation in the Construction Financing Fund for the Investor (Principal):
  • 100% legality of financing in compliance with the requirements of the current legislation (the Law of Ukraine “On investment activity” and the Law of Ukraine “On financial and credit mechanisms and property management in housing construction and real estate transactions”);
  • Regarding other financing mechanisms for new buildings this one is the easiest and the most understandable for the Investor. After reviewing the agreement on participation in the CFF and the Rules of the CFF, the Investor will understand where they invest funds, what and when they will get in return, what their rights and risks are;
  • The most reliable way to buy an apartment, which guarantees the protection of the Investor (Principal) at the legislative level;
  • Possibility for the Investor to pay the apartment cost according to the schedule agreed with the Trustee;
  • Funds in the account of the Construction Financing Fund are not included in the Trustee’s liquidator mass and are sent exclusively to satisfy the requirements of the Principals to the Trustee in accordance with the CFF rules;
  • The Bank, as the Trustee, controls the targeted use of the Investor's funds, the Developer’s compliance with the technical standarts of the construction objects and the time frame for their construction;
  • The Bank, as the Trustee, provides support the Principal from the moment of the agreements conclusion on participation in the CFF till the implementation of final calculations based on the results of Technical Inventories Bureaux measurements and the documents transfer for ownership registration of the investment object (apartment).

Construction Financing Fund is opened in RADABANK:

Construction of a residential complex on the residential area Levoberezhny-3, Dnipro

The residential complex includes:

  • 16 multi-unit 5-storey residential buildings, the average total area of each house is 5450 sq. m., The total area of apartments (area to sell) of each house, an average is of 4205 sq. m.
  • Residential zone - apartments of several types from 42 to 90 square meters
  • Non-residential zone - technical areas (may have a commercial purpose) from 360 square meters to 1,050 square meters in each of the 16 project houses.

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