Virtual card

"Free Internet"
  • Possible to issue online with mobile app RB24
  • Free card servicing
  • Card Theft Guarantee
  • What is Virtual card for?
  • Payment of goods and services via the Internet, including foreign websites
  • Booking of hotels, cars, air and railway tickets

Virtual card

The virtual card “Free Internet” is used exclusively for making payments online. At the same time, the card does not exist as a physical object.

The physical absence of the card protects you from its theft and unauthorized use for fraudulent purposes by third parties like cash withdrawing or shopping malls purchases payments.

Almost any payment card can be used for making payments in online stores, nevertherless we recommend to use a special card for online payments. By replenishing it with the amount of the estimated expenses on the Internet, you keep save the main funds from an unauthorized access by third parties.

Issued on the Mastercard basis.

Currency choice option: UAH / USD / EUR.

To issue a card you need to provide only a passport and taxpayer registration card number.

How to issue?


It is possible to issue a card online by using RB24 or by visiting the nearest RADABANK branch.


Get the card details for making payments on the Internet within a few minutes after submitting an application for a virtual card issuing.


Receive an SMS message with a CVV code – security code necessary for working with a payment card on the Internet.

How to use?

The card does not exisit as a physical object but at the same time has all the necessary details for making payments online. You will receive the requisites within a few minutes after the application submission for the card issuing.

When paying with a Virtual card in online store or paid server, in addition to the card number and expiration date, it is required to specify a unique CVV2 code.

CVV2 code is a security code required for working with a payment card on the Internet, that the Bank will notify you on the specified phone number in SMS.

Attention! For security reasons, do not pass your Virtual card CVV2 code to unauthorized persons!

Even more possibilities!

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Apple Pay & Google Pay

Pay by smartphone!

Contactless payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay – safe and convenient way to pay for purchases with your smartphone and other devices. Your personal data and payment details added to the application is securely protected by the latest technologies.