Utility and other payments

The high quality of service is the basis of our business.

RADABANK accepts:

Tax payments

Utility payments

  • for an apartment
  • for gas
  • for electricity
  • for cold and hot water
  • for heat supply
  • for garbage collection
  • for kindergartens and nurseries

Other payments

made from the accounts opened in RADABANK or directly through the Bank’s cash office without accounts opening

The pensioners provided with a pension card by RADABANK have the opportunity to pay utility bills without fee*

* - when paying for the one address specified in the RADABANK database as a registration address
Bank services tariffs for customers servicing who carry out operations without opening an account

RADABANK provides:

Clarity and timeliness of money transfer

Free consulting on new types of services and forms of payment

You will be relieved of tedious idle standings in bank cash office lines.

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