Сoncierge service

Сoncierge service

Ukrainian Assistance

Provides professional and comprehensive services 24 hours a day, on any issues in all spheres of life in Ukraine and abroad for premium card holders.

Possible to connect to a Gold class card for an additional fee

Included in the cost of opening an account and servicing a Platinum class card

A professional assistant will provide you with around the clock information, organizational and service support in Ukraine and around the world. The list of services provided by personal concierge is endless, from “everyday” to “luxurious” and covers all major areas of life.

Any kind of informational and organizational services

contact details of shops, hospitals, SPA-centers, airplanes flights schedule, taxi order, flower delivery, medical preparations, restaurant table booking, tickets concert tickets booking, seminars, organazing personal tours, selecting domestic staff, searching and ordering goods and services, etc.

Proactive services based on calendar

for example, fitness sign up every Saturday at 9:00;

Personal reminder services

reminder of important life events like birthdays, doctor's visits, etc.

Thematic blocks of services:


  • Rent and public services
  • Internet, cable TV, telephone
  • Furniture and tableware
  • Household appliances, electronics
  • Garden
  • Repair and household chemicals
  • Insurance


  • Car accessories and chemical goods
  • Parts and technical assistance
  • Car wash and parking
  • Tow truck service
  • Navigation
  • Fuel
  • Insurance


  • Cinema, theaters, concerts, circus
  • Restaurant, cafe, coffee house
  • Club, bar, pub
  • Games, soft
  • Museums,exhibitions
  • Music, video
  • Press
  • Hobbies and active recreation


  • Tickets
  • Hotels
  • Visas
  • Transfer, car rental
  • Tour guide, translator
  • Insurance
  • Shopping, souvenirs
  • entertainment, excursions


  • Educational institutions
  • Rules for admission
  • Payment terms
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Student residences
  • (Українська) Підручники та книги


  • Medical ambulance
  • Doctor, nurse
  • Clinic, hospital
  • Medicines
  • Transport

Health, sport:

  • Pharmacy, medical services
  • Inventory, medical devices, simulators
  • Massage, fitness, SPA
  • Billiards, bowling
  • Gyms, pools
  • Insurance


  • Accessories, games
  • Veterinary care
  • Pets food
  • Medical supplies

Reference information:

  • Weather
  • Exchange rates
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Playbill


  • Conference call with the manager
  • ATMs, terminals
  • Currency exchange
  • Banking cards

Cellular service:

  • Mobile operator packages
  • Roaming
  • SIM
  • Travels


  • Taxes, duties
  • Fines
  • Border, customs
  • Passport, residence permit, visa
  • Laws, regulations

Business services:

  • Hotel, hotel complex
  • Conference hall
  • Restaurant
  • Translator
  • Security

Concierge service

Mastercard® Concierge

Personal around-the-clock assistant for premium card holders. Call in Mastercard Concierge or write to the bot in Telegram with any questions and assigments. You will obtain contact information for Mastercard Concierge at the time of a premium card issue.

Available only to the owners of
 Mastercard World Elite

Services of Mastercard Concierge

Travel information, addresses and phone numbers of stores, hospitals or other institutions, taxi ordering, searching for goods and services, information about playshows, events of any kind, fairs and exhibitions, recommendations in restaurants choosing.


Assistance in finding services: business (secretary or delivery service), utilities (plumber, electrician, nanny, personal trainer) and professional (doctor or lawyer). Delivery and booking services.

Travel arrangements

Lost baggage return, transfers (for example, renting a limousine or a helicopter), housing and car rental and the like.

Package Elite

  • Information: contact details of shops, hospitals, SPA centers, schedule of flights, taxi request, other reference information;
  • Assignments: delivery of flowers, medicines, restaurant tables booking, booking tickets for concerts and the like;
  • Exclusive services: organization of personal tours, domestic staff recruitment, search and order of goods and services and the like;
  • Calendar-based proactive services: for example, fitness sign up every Saturday at 9:00;
  • Personal reminder services: reminder of important life events like birthdays, doctor’s visits, etc.;
  • The ability to connect one more person;
  • Order of the conference hall for official delegations;
  • free order tow truck and car transportation to the nearest official service station;
  • Premium clubs membership;
  • Invitations to social events.

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