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What can I do if I do not received an SMS message to activate or enter Internet banking?

Unfortunately, cellular operators do not guarantee fast delivery of SMS messages, so in case of delay we recommend to wait for the message (usually, the operator send it within a few minutes) or repeat the request after 10 minutes.

In the SMS-message text is always present the time of its sending.

In the case of the two SMS-messages arrival (due to delays) it is necessary to use the code from the message sent last.

How can I change the limit of the cash withdrawal in my personal account?

Limits can be changed on the RB24 page or in the RB24 mobile App in the section “My Cards” by selecting “Set Limit”.

How can I change the payment limit for the trading and service networks in my personal account?

Limits can be set or changed on the RB24 page or in the RB24 mobile App in the section “My Cards” by selecting “Set Limit”.

Why can't I pay for an online purchase?

By default, online transactions for all payment cards are closed. In order to allow such payments, it is necessary to go to the RB24 system or to the RB24 mobile app, chose the section “My Cards” and select the “Card Rules” -> “Allow Payments Online”.

How can I change my financial phone number?

The financial phone number can be changed by referring to any branches of the Bank. You must have a passport and taxpayer identity number.

What is the financial phone number necessary for?

A financial number is a mobile phone number specified by a customer as a telephone number with the use of which financial transactions can be confirmed and conducted. In Addition the Bank can send information about the services and the latest promotions.

Where can I get acquainted with the business hours of bank branches and cash offices?

Where is an ATM in our city?

At which ATMs of banks can I withdraw money without commission?


My card expires, how can I to reissue it?

You can reissue the card by personal referring to the service department of the nearest bank branch.

Where can I see addresses of Bank branches?

Can I pay with my card for online purchases?

For that, you need to set up an appropriate rule for the card for the online payments. This can be done in the WEB-banking system or in the RB24 mobile app in the section “My Cards”, choose “Card Rules” -> “Allow online payments”.

Can I use my card abroad?

Of course. You are to go to the RB24 system or the RB24 mobile app and than to the section “My Cards” -> “Card Rules” and select the country and currency in which you planning to make payments.

Where can I get to know current currency exchange rates?

The current currency exchange rate in your city you can find out by calling the number 0 800 500 999.

How can I check up my card balance?

To check up the balance is possible by using the WEB-banking system and the RB24 mobile app by selecting the section “My Cards”, or by activating the SMS informing service for your card. 0 800 500 999.

How can I recover my login and password for Internet banking access?

To recover your WEB-banking access just give a call by a number 0 800 500 999.

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