Housing loan

One step closer to your own home!

Long term loan: up to 7 years

Quick decision making

Without penalties for early loan repayment

You can purchase:

Typical residential apartments on the secondary market

Residential apartments on the primary market, which are put into operation and registered in property ownership rights registries

Residential buildings with land plots

Real estate must be located in places of presence JSC “AB “RADABANK”

Housing lending terms :

Lending term (months)

12 24 36 48 60 72


Down payment (minimal,% of the product value)


Loan amount (maximum,UAH)

15 000 000

Issuance fee (%, of loan amount)


Interest rate (%, minimum annual)

21,00 23,00 23,50 24,00 24,30



Monthly fee (% of the original loan amount)


Loan repayment schedule

Monthly (equal loan amounts + interest on the loan balance)

Real annual interest rate

27,9% – 28,6%
(depending on the lending term)


If you want to buy a housing on credit

What extra payments are required?

  • Property insurance in partner insurance companies
  • Property valuation
  • Notarial services

Requirements to the Borrower

  • Individuals - citizens of Ukraine, who are registered on the Bank presence area.
  • Stable official incomes
  • Age from 23 years, provided that at the time of termination of the loan agreement the Borrower will not reach the retirement age, according to the current legislation of Ukraine
  • Working experience at the last workplace no less than 6 months
  • For individuals in case of income confirmation of the entrepreneurial activity subject, the term of activity must be at least 2 years

Documents list

  • The Ukrainian passport of the borrower and a copy of the passport of the wife / husband of the Borrower (all pages containing any information);
  • Certificate from the tax inspectorate on assignment of the taxpayer registration card number of Ukraine to the Borrower and the Borrower's wife/husband (if available);
  • Property documents;
  • Documents on the financial position of the Borrower :

for an individual:

  • Borrower`s employment background certificate and/or the Borrower's spouse, certified in the accounting department no earlier than 2 weeks before the day of its submission to the Bank, which confirms the job post of the Borrower and/or the Borrower's spouse and accrued wages for the last six months

for an individual business entity:

  • Business entity registration certificate or certified copy of an entry/extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, which confirms the fact of state registration
  • Declarations of property and incomes:
    - for the last 4 financial reporting periods (for business entities that report quarterly);
    - one annual declaration (for business entities that report annually), or a tax return of a flat tax payer - an individual entrepreneur.
  • Other documents on the Bank request

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