Loan against property

Fixed interest rate – from 18,4% to 21,4% per annum, depending on the loan term

Long term loan – up to 5 years

Loan amount is not more than 70% of the market value of real estate

Quick decision

Without penalties for early loan repayment

Lending terms:

Loan amount

not more than 70% of the market value of real estate

Lending term

Up to 5 years

Interest rate

from 18,4% to 21,4% per annum, depending on the loan term

Monthly commission (% of arrears)


Type of interest rate


Loan repayment schedule

In equal parts

One-time fee for the loan granting

2% of the loan amount


Upon the Bank request

Real annual interest rate



If you want to get a loan against property

What extra payments are required?

  • Property insurance in partner insurance companies
  • Property valuation
  • Notary services (for registration: a pledge agreement, an extract from the Unified Register of Prohibitions on Alienation of Real Estate Objects and the Registration of Pledge in the State Register of Property Burdens, Spouce`s consent)

Requirements to the Borrower

  • Individuals - citizens of Ukraine, who are registered on the Bank presence area.
  • Stable official incomes
  • Age from 23 years, provided that at the time of termination of the loan agreement the Borrower will not reach the retirement age, according to the current legislation of Ukraine
  • Working experience at the last workplace at least 6 months
  • For individuals in case of income confirmation of the entrepreneurial activity subject, the term of activity must be at least 2 years

Documents list

  • The Ukrainian passport of the borrower and a copy of the passport of the wife / husband of the Borrower (all pages containing any information);
  • Certificate from the tax inspectorate on assignment of the taxpayer registration card number of Ukraine to the Borrower and the Borrower's wife/husband (if available);
  • Documents on property;
  • Documents on the financial position of the borrower:

for an individual:

  • Borrower`s employment background certificate and/or the Borrower's spouse, certified in the accounting department no earlier than 2 weeks before the day of its submission to the Bank, which confirms the job post of the Borrower and/or the Borrower's spouse and accrued wages for the last six months

for an individual business entity:

  • Business entity registration certificate or certified copy of an entry/extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, which confirms the fact of state registration
  • Declarations of property and incomes:
    - for the last 4 financial reporting periods (for business entities that report quarterly);
    - one annual declaration (for business entities that report annually), or a tax return of a flat tax payer - an individual entrepreneur.
  • Other documents on the Bank request

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