Profitable loan systems for corporate businesses

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        Basing on the financial transaction features, financial flows and the Customer’s needs, the Bank offers the following

        types of lending:

        • Term loan with a one-time borrowed funds provision;
        • Revolving loan facility with a free schedule for the borrowed funds use;
        • Revolving loan facility with a free or a set schedule for the borrowed funds use;
        • Overdraft;
        • Express - overdraft;
        • Loan facility by tranches;
        • Multicurrency loan facility;
        • Loan term - up to 1 year (UAH, USD, EUR) with the prolongation option.

        The key loan parameters are collateral, its structure and volumes which are determined individually. The interest rate is set on the basis of market conditions, the borrower’s financial condition, the collateral liquidity, the borrower’s and their associated structures complex transition to the Bank servicing.

        Loan debt repayment is made without prepayment fees.


        Advantages of the certain loan types:

        Loans for replenishment of working capital

        (to ensure current payments, goods purchases, wages payment, etc.)

        • Individual approach to the Customer;
        • Preferences for Customers who have switched to the comprehensive servicing at RADABANK;
        • Flexible system for collateral selection;
        • Commission-free early repayment;
        • Loan terms change possibility;
        • Possibility of the loan agreements terms prolongation.
        • Individual approach to the Customer;
        • Minimum package of required documents;
        • Convenient loan issuance and repayment procedure (in automatic mode);
        • Additional accounts opening is not required;
        • Loan interest is calculated only on the used funds amount;
        • As a rule, without monthly servicing fees;
        • As a rule, without reservation fees;
        • Preferences for Customers who have switched to the comprehensive servicing at RADABANK in terms of interest rates, commissions, zeroing frequency.
        Loans secured by deposits
        • Minimum package of required documents;
        • Bank loyalty to the borrower's financial condition;
        • The Customer has the possibility to choose the loan amount and its validity term (taking into account the amount and term of the deposit) independently;
        • The loan servicing possibility with the deposit interest charges use;
        • Collateral insurance and contracts notarization is not required.
        Loans for targeted use
        • Individual approach to the Customer, as well as to the advance payment size;
        • Individual loan repayment schedule;
        • When buying a vehicle on credit, the vehicle serves as a loan collateral;
        • Loans for the real estate purchase can be provided without an advance payment if additional collateral is provided by the Customer or third parties;
        • Possibility of the loan agreement term prolongation.

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