Loans for the agro-industry

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        Agro industry financing:

        Loan for working capital replenishment (loan refinancing in another bank)

        This loan is a multifunctional financial tool that allows the company to obtain the necessary funds for the purchase or repair of fixed assets, the purchase of goods, payment for services, payable accounts repayment to suppliers, social and compulsory payments, etc.

        Loan for the new agricultural machinery, equipment and transport purchase

        This loan enables the borrower to purchase the necessary fixed assets for providing more efficient business activities. The advantages of this product over other financial instruments (leasing and others) are more advantageous conditions for the funds provision (servicing fee), lack of binding to foreign currency (the value of the purschase subject is usually tied to foreign currency in loan agreements), the acquisition by the borrower of property rights at the time of the loan and the absence of the need to re-register the equipment after the loan is repaid.

        Lending to the agro industrial complex under the program “Support to farmers by cheapening the loan”

        This loan enables the farmer to receive the compensation for the interest paid on the loan. The compensation is provided for interest accrued and paid in the current year for the loans use in the amount of up to 50% of the National Bank discount rate effecting at the date of interest accrual, but not more than the amounts stipulated by credit agreements.

        The loan is granted on terms that comply with the Procedure for using funds which are provided in the state budget for financial support of activities in the agro industrial complex by cheapening loans, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 04.29.2015, №300.

        Trade promissory bill avalisation

        This operation allows the borrower to obtain the product /service without diverting the necessary working capital (or raising Bank credit funds) until the moment of selling the product and receiving personal funds for settlement with the supplier. To the supplier, this operation guarantees payment for the delivered products / services due to the borrower’s personal funds or the funds of the Bank.

        Key lending parameters for agro industrial complex Customers:

        Loan type Revolving line of credit / loan
        Purpose Replenishment of working capital (purchase of goods, fertilizers, seeds, fuel, plant protection products) purchase of agro equipment, as well as financing of other economic enterprise expenses in order to increase the volume of business
        Currency UAH
        Amount from 500 000 to 30 000 000
        Term up to 24 months (with prolongation option)
        Interest rate from 14% per annum (depends on the loan security)
        Comission 1% from the loan limit amount
        Additional comission fees missing
        Issuance procedure by tranches if necessary
        Repayment procedure for a line of credit / loan: one payment at the end of the term under the agreement or according to the repayment schedule
        Loan security

        • Non-residential property
        • Residential property
        • Freight and passenger vehicles
        • Agricultural machinery and equipment
        • Products (grain) at the elevator

        Obligatory conditions Opening a current account in RADABANK and conducting business through these accounts (in proportion to the borrower’s loan portfolio)

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