All loans available for individuals

RADABANK provides an opportunity for individuals to apply for a loan in the form of an overdraft: the best and the fastest way to receive funds for their personal needs.

Loans on payment cards

RADABANK provides an opportunity to payroll, pension and deposit card holders to get a credit on the card in the overdraft form. After receiving an overdraft, you can use the funds at any time if there is a lack of personal funds on the card account.

Loan against property

Need an impressive amount of financial recources? Use your property as a tool for additional money funds. RADABANK offers to get a profitable loan secured by real estate for a long term for any purpose. It is up to you where to invest money – for the repair or purchase of new housing, travel, training, wedding and the like.

Car loans

In today`s world of an active pace of life and high technology, it is hard to imagine your everyday life without a vehicle. Nowadays, a car is not a luxury, but a necessity. Car loans from RADABANK offer to buy a new car or a used car on credit and make your life more comfortable and fast moving with the car of your dreams.

Housing loan

Have you been dreaming about your own home for a long time? However the dream remains a dream due to lack of funds? Now, there is an opportunity to get one step closer to it with the RADABANK real estate purchase loan program! We offer favorable and loyal loan conditions: the initial installment is only 30% moreover, you can determine the loan term.

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