Short-term deposit
with the interest payment at the end of the term

Basic terms

Interest rate

1% ₴ $

per annum

Deposit term


Intial deposit fee

500 000 ₴
25 000 $
Without deposit replenishment option

Deposit interest rates

with interest payment at the end of the term

Minimum deposit amount

Deposit currency

Deposit term and annum interest rate, %

500 000


7 days term – 1% per annum

25 000


7 days term – 1 % per annum


The “Weekly” deposit can be opened in the national currency (UAH) and in USD.

The minimum deposit amount is 500 000 UAH / 25 000 USD.

Interest is paid at the last day of the deposit contract. Partial funds withdrawal or deposit account replenishment is not provided.

At the request of the customer the possibility of the automatic deposit contract renewal is provided. The new term for the attracted deposit at the interest rate applicable in the Bank for this type of deposit at the date of the new term commencement, starts on the next day after the the previous term expiration. If the customer does not want to prolong the contract, their must notify the Bank no later than before 3 (three) business days before the automatic contract renewal. The amount of the deposit is subject to prolongation, the accrued interest is credited to the corresponding account indicated by the depositor.

If the deposit contract automatic prolongation is not chosen and specified by the customer, the deposit funds is refunded according to the terms of the contract.

termination of the deposit contract is made by customer`s warning the Bank before 2 working days. In case of early termination of the deposit contract, the interest is recalculated for the actual period of the deposit placement in the deposit account at the rate of 0,1% per annum.

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