Deposit “OGO” / Term Deposit “OGO”

With the maximum interest rate and interest payment at the end of the term

Basic terms

Interest rate

up to 16% ₴
up to 4% $
up to 3,5% €

per annum

Deposit term

from 1 month
up to 2 years

Initial deposit fee

1 000 ₴
100 $
100 €
Without deposit replenishment option

Deposit interest rates

Minimum deposit amount Deposit currency Annum interest rate, %

1 mo.


2 mos.


3 mos.


6 mos.


12 mos.


24 mos.


Term Deposit “OGO”
without early termination option
with interest payment at the end of the term

1 000

UAH 14,00 15,00 15,50 16,00 15,50


USD 1,80 2,55 3,35 3,85 4,00


EUR 1,30 2,05 2,85 3,35 3,50

Deposit “OGO”
with the option of early termination
with interest payment at the end of the term

1 000

UAH 13,50 14,50 15,00 15,00 14,50 13,50


USD 1,80 1,80 2,80 3,15 3,40


100 EUR 1,30 1,30 2,30 2,65 2,90



Deposit interest rates



Deposit “OGO” / Term Deposit “OGO” is a classic deposit with a high interest rate. Interest is paid at the end of the deposit contract term.

Accepted in Ukrainian national currency, USD, EUR.

The minimum deposit amount: 1000 UAH/ 100 USD/ 100 EUR.
Deposit term is from 1 month to 2 years.

Long-term deposits guarantee to depositor a stable and high income. When opening a long-term deposit, a high interest rate is fixed for a long term, therefore the depositor`s profit is higher than with short-term deposits. Interest rates for long-term deposits in most of cases are higher than in cases with other deposit contracts conditions. According to the Law, the Bank is not able to unilaterally change the interest rate downwards.

Interest is paid at the last day of the deposit contract. Partial funds withdrawal or deposit account replenishment is impossible.

At the request of the customer The possibility of the automatic deposit contract renewal is provided.

The amount of the deposit is subject to prolongation and the accrued interest is credited to the corresponding account specified by the depositor.

In the event of early termination of the Agreement, the Client shall notify the Bank in writing. The day of termination of the contract is the day of submission of the Application for early termination of the deposit. In case of early termination of the deposit agreement, the interest shall be recalculated for the actual term of deposit in the deposit account at the rate of 0.1% per annum.

Term deposit does not have the early termination option.


For deposit “OGO” and term deposit “OGO” opened in the national currency, in RADABANK operates loyalty program as a bonus to the base rate:

– for pensioners: +0,5%;
– for depositors who has opened a deposit online with the help of WEB-banking or via the mobile App RB24: +0,5%;
– when rolling over deposit for a new term, and also in the presence of previously opened deposits: +0,25%;
– for payroll cards holders: +0,25%.

The depositor has the right to use only one bonus program for one existing deposit. The summation of bonuses is impossible.

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