Securities transactions for Banks

The Bank provides a complete list of depository and securities trading services of all types.
  • Securities trader services
  • Depository institution services

RADABANK offers basic banking and financial operations with securities, provides services in the stock market of Ukraine to Banks that do not have licenses to carry out depositary activities of the depositary institution and securities trading activities.

The Dipositary institution RADABANK is a cutomer of the Depositary of Ukraine and the Depositary of the National Bank of Ukraine and performs operations with securities on the basis of AE series No. 286562 license dated 08.10.2013.

RADABANK carries out activities in securities trading (dealer and brokerage activity) on the basis of licenses for the right to carry out professional activities in the stock market:AE series No. 294570 dated 04.11.2014 and AD series No. 034429 dated 13.06.2012

AE series No. 286562 dated 08.10.2013


AE series No. 294570 dated 04.11.2014


AD series No. 034429 dated 13.06.2012

To solve various Customer’s tasks, taking into account their needs and peculiarities, the Bank will provide professional consulting on the securities circulation in the stock market of Ukraine

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