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        Basic lending conditions:

        • Overdraft "Standart" is a short-term loan (up to 30 days) oriented to cover cash gaps within the approved limit;
        • Loan term: up to 12 months;
        • Interest rates are market rates approved by the Bank;
        • Overdraft limit is up to 40% of the Customer’s credit turnover on the main account in the Bank;
        • One-time limit setting fee - 1% of overdraft amount, minimum UAH 1,000;
        • Loan collateral: real estate and equipment (including mortgage of the integral property complex), movable assets, inventory, property rights arising from contracts, financial (property) guarantee of third parties.

        Lending benefits at RADABANK:

        • Overdraft, as a form of a revolving loan, is a permanent financing source for the Customer. During the overdraft loan agreement validity term, the Customer has the possibility to receive credit funds at any time, without additional coordination with the Bank;
        • The simple and transparent technology of overdraft providing without opening a separate loan account does not complicate the Customer’s accounting activities process;
        • The Customer has a possibility to reduce the cost of the overdraft servicing due to the rational use of personal and borrowed funds from the Bank, since the funds recieved on the current account are automatically sent to repay the debt on the overdraft, and the fees for the loan resources amount charges only to the actually used amount of funds.

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