Pension сard

Your golden years!
  • Free card issue and servicing
  • 8% per annum on the personal funds balance in UAH
  • Utilities payment in RADABANK without commission
  • Free SMS-notification on the enrollment of payments
  • Cash withdrawal at any ATM of Ukraine without commissions
  • Ability to issue an overdraft

Pension card

Pension card is a product for crediting pensions and social assistance funds.

The RADABANK pension cards owners have a special advantage: the interest on the card balance is charged daily at the rate up to 8% per annum.

Interest is paid monthly on the first business day of the next month. An additional advantage of keeping funds on the card is the possibility to withdraw money and interest at any time.

Issued on the Mastercard Standard Debit card basis. 

Currency: UAH

To issue a card it is required to provide a passport, taxpayer registration card number and pension certificate.

There is no need to contact the Pension Fund to issue a pension card, it is enough just to come to the Bank branch and sign up the application, and our specialists will deliver it insted of you. When everything is ready, our employee will contact you and you can get a card.

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