Purchase of government bonds (OVDPs)

Internal government loan bonds

Profitable bonds

An alternative to deposits can be internal government loan bonds in hryvnia as well as in foreign currency and government securities in hryvnia and foreign currencies.

Moreover, the income on bonds

is not charged with 19,5% tax

Another advantage of such a financial tool is the high liquidity of the government bonds market. Bonds can be sold at any time at market value.

In RADABANK, this service is available to all – both legal entities and individuals.

Waiting for potential investors!

How to purchase?

Investing in securities will be easy. To purchase government bonds you need:

Open a bank account in securities

(Українська) Укласти генеральний договір про надання інвестиційних послуг з банком

Select domestic government loan bonds (currency, amount, maturity, etc.) and place an order for their purchase

Transfer funds for the purchase of government bonds

After that, the Bank, on behalf of the customer, concludes an agreement, purchases government bonds and credits them to an account in securities. This whole procedure takes about 3 days. At the end of the term, the Ministry of Finance will transfer to the customer`s bank account the Bank’s nominal value of securities plus accrued interest, and the investor can receive fundsin the purchase currency of government bonds in full.

Tariffs for the RADABANK depositary institution services, provided to Deponents

RADABANK tariffs for securities trader services.
Tariff package “Individual – resident”

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