Replenishment of working

Basic lending terms:

  • A loan for replenishment of working capital is provided to finance the Customer’s current business activities (raw stuff purchase, materials for production, purchase of goods, etc.);
  • Financing form: term loan, revolving line of credit;
  • Loan term: up to 12 months;
  • Interest rate: depends on the Customer’s financial situation, loan term, its security and repayment schedule;
  • Repayment schedule: monthly, quarterly, individual schedule;
  • Loan security: real estate and equipment (including mortgage of the integral property complex), movable assets, inventory, property rights arising from contracts, financial (property) guarantee of third parties;
  • Mandatory notarization of pledge agreement on real estate and vehicles is required;
  • Compulsory insurance of loan security in an insurance company accredited by the Bank.


  • Flexible loan security requirements (additional collateral may be business owner’s assets, inventory, property rights under agreements);
  • Without early repayment fees;
  • The possibility of lending terms revising.

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