Service “Regular payments”

Regular payments

A service which enables to make periodic payments from the Customer’s current/card account according to the specified details in the predetermined amount

Save your time. To pay for services there is no need to visit Bank branches and stand in lines anymore

Timely debts repayment: no risk of being disconnected from any services because of late payment

Saving on commission: the commission for the “Regular payments” service is less than when paying at the Bank’s cash desk

SMS-informing service helps to learn about the funds withdrawal.

The possibility to get a receipt of payment: you can order a receipt at any RADABANK branch via the RB24 Online system or the RB24 mobile app

Overdraft transfers in case of lack of personal funds on the account

Just specify

The recipient`s details, the amount and frequency of withdrawals.

And forget about it

As well as about overdue payments and queues at the bank cash desks

How does it work?

You provide the Bank with the recipient`s details, the amount and frequency of funds withdrawals, and forever forget about the lines at the bank cash desks. After that, the Bank will, at the time determined by you, regularly transfer money from your card to the account of the company – service provider or to a savings deposit account.

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