Escrow account

for individuals

Escrow account

A modern tool providing an opportunity to protect the interests of both parties while the real estate purchase or sale between individuals (residents and non-residents of Ukraine).

It is the best option to ensure the mutual trust of the parties, since the funds payment is made only when the parties fulfill their contractual obligations.

Advantages of escrow account:

High Bank's business reputation

Support by the Bank's qualified specialists at all escrow account transaction stages

The Bank's flexible, customer-oriented approach

guaranteed funds crediting/issuance to the seller in the amount available on the escrow account, when implementing the conditions established by the Escrow Agreement

Minimal financial risks due to the Bank controls over:

  • the account transactions and the parties’ compliance with the Agreement terms
  • the compliance and submitted documents completeness to the Escrow Account Agreement terms

guaranteed funds return to the buyer from the escrow account in case the transaction did not take place for any reason

the possibility to make real estate transactions for any amount

How the Escrow account works:


The buyer and the seller of real estate agree on the transaction


The buyer and the seller of real estate address to RADABANK for making a accounts settlement using escrow account


RADABANK on the basis of the escrow account agreement and the sale contract opens the escrow account to the buyer


The real estate sale contract notary registration


The seller contacts the Bank and provides documents confirming the transaction fact under the escrow account agreement


The Bank transfers funds to the seller’s account or issues them in cash.

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Escrow account agreement

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