SWIFT transfers and payments

international money transfer

SWIFTis a system of international money transfers between individuals and legal entities. There are over 10 thousand corporations from 210 countries using this system.


Accuracy of transfer: funds are received to the specified account

Security: the system securely stores private customer data

Guarantee of timely funds delivery

Wide range of currencies – US dollar, euro, pound sterling, Russian rubles, Polish zloty, Swiss francs

No limits on money funds transfer amount (however, it is required to agree on the currency legislation)

The possibility of funds transfer to the individuals and legal entities accounts

Optimal commission fees when transferring large sum of money

Availability in a large number of foreign countries and cooperation with most world banks

The absence of most restrictions inherent to other systems

How to send?

  • Visit the branch of RADABANK;
  • Produce documents for identification;
  • Open a current account in the required currency according to the "GLOBAL" tariff package;
  • Provide Bank employee with the SWIFT details of beneficiary;
  • Use RADABANK services for the purchase/sale of foreign currency in the interbank foreign exchange market of Ukraine and currencies conversion.

How to receive?

  • Visit the branch of Radabank;
  • Produce documents for identification;
  • Open a current or card account in the required currency;
  • Provide the remitter with the SWIFT details of your account;
  • Expect money funds receipt in 1-5 banking days.

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