Current accounts

for individuals

The service of individuals current accounts opening and servicing

Is available:
  • in national currency (UAH)
  • in foreign currencies (USD/EUR/GBP/RUB/PLN)
  • in banking metals

The current bank account allows you to make transfers within Ukraine and abroad quickly and without significant commission fee expenses, as well as receive funds from individuals and legal entities to this account.

What is required to open a current account??

To open a current account, it is required to visit a Bank branch and conclude an agreement for current account opening and servicing.

Required documents

  • For residents: passport or its replacing document, as well as the TIN registration number
  • For non-residents: a passport or its replacing document, as well as an individual's document on the place of residence or temporary stay place in Ukraine

Ukrainian legislation prohibits the use of individuals current accounts for operations related to business activities.

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